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Wire drawing or wire drawing needs some very important components to assist the wire printing process. When printing a wire, you need to lubricate and therefore you are required to buy aluminum wire drawing oil so that the wire printing process is of good quality and quality. You can get wire drawing oil only here with guaranteed quality.

Aluminum wire drawing oil is available in Alimindus with type DA 50 and DC 200 A. There are many types of drawing oil offered by Alimindus. Various types of wire drawing oil at Alimindus can make it easier for consumers to choose the right one to use according to the needs of wire drawing.

Not only selling aluminum wire drawing oil, but there are still many other attributes. You need to know, that drawing oil has attributes that include semi-syntetic, syntethic, water soluble, water insoluble, fine wire, copper wire, fine wire, platted copper, brass wire, stainless steel, tire cards, multiware drawing, in – line drawing, rolling, threading, cutting and grinding.

Not only that, there are difficult metal forming, bolt former, nut former, S S former, and rope lubricant. Therefore, it is not only aluminum wire drawing oil that was created at Alimindus. Even here, there are 10 types of wire drawing oil. Among them the types of wire drawing oil are BM 29, BF ​​105, NF 106, HS 105, DS 106, CRT 101, CRT 101 S, DA 50, DC 200 A, and WR 60.

There are not many choices of wire drawing oil offered here. Quality that is no less guaranteed and has been directly supervised by experts for the production of wire drawing materials. Therefore, when you do wire drawing you must actually buy components or materials of wire drawing that are reliable and of guaranteed quality.

Why do you need to buy goods that are directly researched by experts and trusted? So that you are not disappointed with the final result when you use the item. Therefore, you need to research what will be purchased whether it’s the quality and quantity. That’s why you need to buy all the wire drawing materials at Alimindus because it is trusted and of high quality.

By buying ingredients at Alimindus, you will get quality that is trusted and guaranteed. Product offerings at Alimindus are of various kinds and you can get them at standard or affordable prices. Therefore, never miss a purchase at Alimindus, which has been trusted since 1989.

For those of you who want to buy products from Alimindus, you can get it here. It is guaranteed and also reliable products for wire drawing because it has been established since 1989.

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