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Metal drawing in the industrial world is the stage where the metal is formed into certain shapes, especially cylindrical (i.e wire). In the process of metal drawing, the management of the wire is important so that quality of the product can be guaranteed to be the best. One material that can be used is drawing oil from drawing oil manufactures.

You need to know, in the process of making nuts and bolts, a metal drawing process is needed where the metal is formed into finished objects such as nuts and bolts. Drawing oil is a lubricant to help the making of nuts and bolts runs smoothly because this lubricant helps to keep the metal in the machine and the metal from welding together.

Alimindus as a The drawing oil manufacturer is proud of their best quality products and will not disappoint their customers. The number of choices here is certainly not playing with quality that is 100% guaranteed. Created with high technological capabilities, the quality of all products here is not false. So, you can buy quality products here.

Alimindus as a Drawing oil manufactures offered various types of drawing oil and also adjust to the needs desired by consumers in producing nuts and bolts. A variety of contents are here that can be tailored to the needs of consumers.

The type and content that adjusts to the market demand conditions of consumers increasingly assure that drawing oil here is quality. In fact, you need to know that the lubricant in the general use of metal drawing comes in during metal forming, forging, extruding, threading and rolling. Drawing oil here is useful for cooling chemical activity.

So, drawing oil is very much needed and complementary in the process of metal drawing. Do not hesitate to buy drawing oil here because it has been tested and accompanied directly by experts in the manufacture of its products. The right composition in drawing oil is in accordance with the requirements of the consumers.

You need to know, that in making drawing oil using sophisticated technology so it’s no wonder the quality of drawing oil is guaranteed. Not only that, Alimindus products have been used by domestic and foreign industries.

Alimindus does not only produce drawing oil, but there are stitching wires, wire drawing lubricants, zinc phosphate coatings, drawing dies, and speedware. Here, you can buy everything you need in the wire drawing process and can be found anywhere easily by contacting Alimindus.

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