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You want to look for equipment or tools in wire drawing activities. Take it easy, there is Alimindus. Alimindus is a company that provides wire drawing objects including steel binding wire. Alimindus provides all the equipment needed to run wire drawing. Therefore, you can buy everything here.

Steel binding wire is a manufacturing material and is also one of the products that has a lot of supply. Alimindus offers not only steel binding wire, there are still other products that you need to know, one of which is powder lubricants, drawing oil, speedware, wire drawing dies, and many more.

When you make a steel binding wire purchase at this time, you need to use a number of selection methods so that you don’t choose the wrong wire. What are the things to consider when you are going to buy a wire or wire so as not to feel disadvantaged by the company alone. Here is a little explanation about things to consider when buying a wire including:

1. Pay attention to wire product specifications

The thing to note when making a wire purchase is to observe the specifications of the product. Product specifications need to be considered so that you don’t make the wrong choice. So, it’s very good when you understand the specifications in advance which one is suitable for you.

For the specifications, you need to consider the diameter of the product. If, you want to buy a wire bobbins at Alimindus there will be several diameters offered. The diameters offered are 0.76 mm, 0.70 mm, 0.60 mm, 0.55 mm and 0.50 mm. So, you can choose according to your needs.

2. Pay attention to the material or composition of the wire

The second thing to note is to pay attention to the material or composition of the wire. If, you want to know the wire composition offered by Alimindus. The composition is very fitting for you to use right now in the wire drawing process.

The composition contained in the wire is C 0,800 max, Mn 0,600 max, P 0,945 max, and S 0,045 max. So, how interested is it not to buy wire drawing equipment at Alimindus? Don’t miss out on buying here.

3. Selecting bobbins

In purchasing wire for now it is necessary to choose the right type of wire but also the bobbins quantity. There is bobbins of 2kg and 15kg available in Alimindus. Choose the one that you think will suit your need.

Therefore, if you want to buy steel binding wire, the clear choice is in Alimindus. Guaranteed quality with the best value.

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