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In the wire drawing process, surely you need some tools and materials that are suitable for what you are going to do. The most important thing needed is wire drawing dies and tube drawing lubricants. The most interesting thing is that, you can easily get it at Alimindus company now.

This tube drawing lubricants are used as lubricants for the manufacture of tube shapes. In addition, the shape of the wire drawing lubricants is like ordinary powders. You need to know, that this powder works like soap when stuck to the surface of the wire in wire drawing.

What you need to know about tube drawing lubricants is that the use of this lubricant is incorporated into the wire molding process. Not only that, here there is a large influence from the application of lubricants as it is able to control heat and pressure when operating a wire drawing. In fact there are still other things that are very useful when using lubricants.

Another benefit when applying lubricants when doing wire drawing is to reduce the size of the friction during cold drawing and also minimize friction from metal to metal. Not only that, what you need to know is that Alimindus company makes dry lubricants. This dry lubricant is very useful for the wire molding process.

Not only that, the dry lubricant made by Alimindus is a trademark of HILUB. In this soap there is a bond and adhere to the atom with metal wires. In addition, what you need to know is that there are many variables contained in these lubricants. One of the variables that can be entered is diameter, carbon content, speed in wire drawing, and the final process of wire drawing. Here there are more than 30 types of lubricants for wire drawing. You just need to adjust to current needs.

Not only that, there is much more that needs to be developed in wire drawing lubricants. The development of the lubricants is used to meet the needs of the demands of its users so far for the wire drawing process which is quite unique. In the selection of lubricants, lubricants you must be very careful with their authenticity.

Therefore, you should not make the wrong choice because by using a good wire drawing equipment it will produce good things too. Don’t forget to buy wire drawing equipment in Alimindus.

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