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In the implementation of wire drawing in the industrial world, materials that support the wire drawing process are required. One of the materials that may be used in the wire drawing process is wire drawing lubricants. Doing wire drawing cannot be as efficient without wire drawing lubricants.

For those of you who still don’t quite understand wire drawing lubricants, this product is a powder product. It is offered and packaged in sacks. Product performance offered here is very high and guaranteed quality. In fact, the process of making products at Alimindus has been accompanied by experts.

Wire drawing lubricants are lubricants used in the wire drawing process. In the process of wire drawing, the powder lubricants will act to smooth the process, resulting in smooth wire with uniform thickness. These lubricants reduces the friction caused by the metal and wire drawing dies during the process. As the lubricants help reducing the frictions, the result is a wire with uniform thickness, thus it is stronger and doesn’t break easily. The Lubricants here are called HILUB from Alimindus.

. Some of the classifications found here are high carbon phosphated, high carbon cleaned & coated, low carbon cleaned & coated, low carbon mechanical descaled, galvanized, cleaners & coatings, plating quality, welding wire, stainless, etc. You can choose HILUB products that fits your needs for your own wire drawing process.

Buyers or consumers can choose lubricants easily because there are many choices of ingredients and consumers can adjust to the conditions needed. Not only that, the creation of these products are made with advanced technology by experts in their field. The formula of each lubricants has been examined thoroughly to give the best quality results in each process.

With these advantages, of course Alimindus HILUB lubricant is the clear choice for wire drawing lubricants. Not only that, the high performance that will be produced by lubricants will be clearly seen when you do the wire drawing process. So, do not forget to use Alimindus HILUB lubricants to get maximum results.

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