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At this time, surely you have been a little familiar with the word wire drawing if you enter the industrial world. Wire drawing or wire drawing is the formation of metal by pulling wire bars. So, of course, wire drawing requires many important components in the wire drawing process. Of course, now there are many wire drawing powder suppliers and others.

One of the trusted wire drawing powder suppliers is in Alimindus. Not only they are wire drawing powder supplier, but there are still many variations of wire drawing powder in Alimindus. By purchasing lubricants for wire drawing at Alimindus, you will not be disappointed because the quality is guaranteed and uses high technology in its production.

Alimindus can be trusted because it has been established since 1998 and is still active in manufacturing. Not only that, every process of production has been examined by experts in their fields. Even so, it is not only focused on wire drawing powder suppliers, but also to become suppliers other than wire drawing powder.

So, Alimindus is not only focused on wire drawing powder suppliers but there are several other products. Other products are stitching wire, drawing dies, speedware, oil drawing, wire drawing lubricants, and zinc phosphate coatings. So, Alimindus is engaged in the production of wire drawing or wire drawing components and has marketed its products in the world.

For products at Alimindus, the quality is guaranteed. In terms of quality the usability is very high because it is directly produced using sophisticated technology. So, product design from Alimindus is no joke. Not only that, the composition of chemicals to create products is very fitting and balanced because it is studied by experts.

Alimindus is a company that focuses on wire drawing, but maybe you don’t know anything specifically about wire drawing at this time. Wire drawing is the formation of metal which is done by pulling wire bars. Withdrawal of the wire bar is done by pulling dies on the outside. So, there is plastic flow and metal pressure.

The withdrawal of the wire itself is due to shrink the diameter of the wire. When making wire drawings, lubricants or wire drawing lucibrants must be given. Lucibrants become one of the media to cool when pulling a wire. You can get components in wire drawing only at Alimindus.

So, don’t get the wrong components for the wire drawing process. By buying here, you will get high-quality wire drawing components directly researched by experts, the production process uses sophisticated technology and not only that, but it uses an appropriate and balanced chemical composition. You can buy it here.

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