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Speedware is our latest product line targeted directly to consumers with vehicles, both cars and motorcycles.

Speedware product line consist of :

  • Octane Booster for Gasoline Fuel (300 ml)
  • Cetane Improver for Diesel Fuel (300 ml)
  • Octane Booster for Motorcycle Fuel (60 ml)
  • Lubricity and Anti-Friction Compounds for Gasoline and Diesel Engine (250 ml)
  • Lubricity and Anti-Friction Compounds for Motorcycle Engine (100 ml)

Speedware Octane Booster helps to improve octane number up to 3 points. With a higher octane number, problems, such as knocking and ping, and hesitation on vehicles can be removed. As a result, the lost horsepower can be restored.

Our Cetane Improver is used on Diesel Engine vehicles, including trucks and other diesel generators. With an improved cetane number, the fuel combustion can be optimized; and therefore, it reduces gas emission.

Both our Octane Boosterand Cetane Improver are manufactured with MPG Formula. This MPG Formula improves mileage consumption per liter that the vehicle uses. Gas consumption efficiency can be improved by up to 20%.