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Using phosphate coating as an aid in wire drawing process permits wire drawing speed to increase, mechanical properties of the drawn wire to improve, and die life to stay longer. Longer die life provides less stoppage for die replacement during the wire drawing process in which it can improve machine efficiency.
Zinc phosphate is a non-metallic crystalline coating. It provides the wire with a uniform coating with improved adhesive properties, a better coating in recessed areas, and a better corrosion resistance.

Our Product

  • Making up Material
  • Replenishing Material
  • Iron Free Additives (Accelerator)
  • Zinc Phosphate Conditioning Agent

Supporting Product for Phosphate Coating Process

  • HILUB SD-1170 or METALUBE as a neutralizing agent before drawing process
  • SIGBA-146 as an acid pickling vapor preventive

Zinc Phosphate Coating is also Applicable for

  • Tube Drawing
  • Cold Forming
  • Automotive industries (used under paints)