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Copper wire drawing is one of the components used to carry out wire drawing process. Do you know wire drawing? Maybe most people don’t know wire drawing. Wire drawing is one of the metalworking activities in which the process is used to shape metal into wires of smaller diameter sizes.

When you want to buy copper wire drawing to complete the process of this wire drawing activity, you can buy it at Alimindus. Alimindus has been established since 1998 and has gained trust in the industry. Alimindus is also founded in Indonesia. So, it can be very profitable when buying copper wire drawing here.

Do you know about the process to be followed in wire drawing? The process in wire drawing is lubrication and mechanical property. So, the most important thing is lubricant. The lubricant that you can use is copper wire drawing. In lubrication itself there are several methods that you can do and quite a lot of methods that must be done.

The method used in lubrication are dry drawing, metal coating, ultrasonic vibration, and roller die drawing. Each of these methods can be applied when you do the process of lubricants on the metal that will make the diameter smaller. The methods mentioned above are easy solutions that can be applied in wire drawing. After lubrication is mechanical properties. At this stage, we can see the diameter of the wire is uniform across the wire with great strength endurance.

Not only focusing on lubricants and mechanical properties, but there are stages regarding drawing dies. For this drawing dies tools are made from steel, tungsten carbide, or diamond tools. So, the stages in doing wire drawing are long and must be very thorough in the process so that no fatal mistakes occur.

To avoid fatal mistakes in the wire drawing process, you must prepare everything ripe. Both in terms of equipment and accuracy of the process. Equipment that must be considered are stitching wire, wire drawing lubricants, drawing oil, speedware, wire drawing dies, bolts, nuts, hammers, and others. Not a few equipment that must be met.

If you want the best result in your wire drawing process, it is very recommended to use the products from Alimindus. Alimindus has been established since 1989, thus very experienced in their field.

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