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For those of you who work in the wire drawing manufacturing industry you will certainly be familiar with the materials used for wire drawing. When doing wire drawing in the industry, it certainly requires some lubricant to smoothen the process of wire drawing. You can use hilubriccants or hilow powders. So, don’t make a mistake.

What is hilub lubricants or hilub powders? So, this hilub is one of the lubricant products produced by Alimindus. Hilub is a superior product from Alimindus, an Indonesian based wire drawing company. Hilub lubricants provides many types that you need to know about.

Hilub lubricants have various types including AL 20, AD 2, AL 105 A, AL 105 S, CL 100/1, CL 100 A, CL 100 R, CL 105 S, CL 106 A, CL 106 M, CL 106 M, CL 170, CL 185 A, CL 2538, FD 10, and SWP 10. Each type of lubricants has their own special formula. Each formula is different and can accommodate different wire drawing processes.

Hilub lubricants or hilub powders have different types to make it easy for buyers or consumers to buy lubricants that suits the need and conditions of the customers. So, with many choices of this hilub lubricants, consumers are given a wide variety to choose from for their own wire drawing process.

The use of hilub lubricants or hilub powder is to reduce the friction during wire drawing process. This lubricants smoothens the process so that the resulting wire is of uniform thickness and strength. So, to choose the best lubricants for you, you must choose accordingly. All that is due to the need for conformity of variables with diameter, conformity with carbon, wire drawing, and the subsequent processes. The lubricants products offered here are very unique and can be used directly for wire drawing activities.

Those are not the only qualities the product has. Alimindus products is directly supervised by the experts. Not only that, but there are several other factors that can be interesting. An interesting factor is the manufacture of products using very sophisticated technology. All the products are ensured to be of balanced and high quality composition.

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