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When doing the wire drawing process, there are two things that cannot be forgotten, namely the wire drawing dies and the lubricant powder. So, the first aspect that should not be forgotten is the wire drawing dies. The wire drawing dies itself is a tool used to carry out the wire drawing process or the place used to apply pressure.

The first important aspect is the wire drawing dies. Some people might already know about wire drawing dies. So, wire drawing dies are tools that are used to put pressure on the process of molding metal of bigger sizes into thinner wire. So wire drawing dies is essential in the making of wires of different kind. Next, the second aspect in wire drawing is lubricant powder for wire drawing.

Lubricant powder is a chemical powder or lubricating powder used to reduce friction between the die and the metal being molded. This powder lubricant is smeared onto the metal for wire drawing. So, the function of this lubricant powder is to cool down the metal molding process to become a thin wire. Not only that, there are also several other advantages in using lubricant powder.

Lubricant powder for wire drawing can provide other benefits during the wire drawing process. Lubricant powder makes it easy for the metal to go through the die during the process as it has been smoothed with lubricant powder. As it reduces friction, it is also cooling the process.

Those are the two aspects needed in the process of wire drawing between wire drawing dies and lubricant powder. Therefore, the two supporting aspects when doing wire drawing cannot be separated. For you who want to buy lubricant powder and wire drawing dies, you can get it at Alimindus. Alimindus is a company in the field of wire drawing industry. So, as a company that has vast experienced since 1998 for the wire drawing industry, you can rely on Alimindus to make the best products in the industry.

By buying tools or materials at Alimindus, you will get many benefits. You don’t need to be afraid of losing money by buying tools or materials at Alimindus because the quality is the best. So, no need to worry anymore about buying wire drawing dies or lubricant powder here.

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